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Brexit Implications for Contracting

Developing and managing contracts is an important aspect of managing your supply chain.  Brexit has implications for supply chain contracts as it creates uncertainty in the business environment and affects contracting issues such as price and lead times.  This topic outlines how Brexit is likely to impact on current and future supply chain contracts.  Use the resources to review your current contracts and identity a number of strategies to deal with the impact of Brexit on future supply chain contracts.  Reviewing current and future contracts in the context of Brexit is a valuable way of improving the overall quality of your contracts and buyer-supplier relationships.

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Highlights key characteristics of an effective contract. Effective contracts
Highlights potential implications for rights and obligations with regard to supplier contracts. How Brexit is likely to impact contracts
A guide from CIPS that covers all the activities associated with contract management from the establishment of the business case and the confirmation of need, through contract administration and relationship management to the review of contract performance.

Contract Management Guide


An overview from IBEC and Accenture on the uncertainty around Brexit with useful sections on supply chain and contracting implications. Brexit: A guide for your business

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Presents a number of options for dealing with current contracts as a result of Brexit. How to deal with current contracts
Outlines a number of options for dealing with future contracts as a result of Brexit. How to prepare for future contracts
A template to help you review your current contracts. Current contracts review template

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