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In this case it is called a social media management platform. When clicked, a Pin directs users to the source URL of the image. Users can also organize Pins by theme or event into collections. Objectives are the goals of an advertising campaign on social media. Each social network has its own set of objectives that ads can target.

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reddit glossary

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GIFs rose to popularity as a way to react on social media without words. Favorite was the term Twitter originally used to indicate Likes. However, Twitter now uses a heart icon and and uses the reddit glossary term likes, in line with other social networks. “Fan” is sometimes used more generally to refer to someone who follows you on any social channel, but only Facebook officially uses this term.

  • A pinned post is a social media post saved to the top of your page or profile on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Ads are always identifiable by a label that says “sponsored” or “promoted,” but other than this native ads look just like organic social content.
  • It’s a quick way of showing that you—literally—like the content posted by simply clicking a button.
  • Pinning a post is a great way to feature an important announcement or highlight some of your best content.
  • News feed is the Facebook term for the screen that shows all the latest updates posted by people the user follows.
  • Native advertising is a type of social media ad that matches the style and format of an organic post.

Twitter chats, like the monthly #HootChat, are a prime example. A caption is a description that accompanies a photo on social media. Captions can include text, hashtags, @ mentions, and emojis. Captions are an important part of telling your photo’s story on social media and a key driver of engagement. reddit glossary The word “blogger” can also simply mean a person who writes and publishes a blog. Many high-profile bloggers are categorized as influencers, since their content reaches a large number of people. A bitmoji is a customized avatar that can be added to Gmail, Messenger, Slack, and social media networks.

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An influencer is a social media user with a significant audience who can drive awareness about a trend, topic, company, or product. From a marketer’s perspective, the reddit glossary ideal influencer is also a passionate brand advocate. GIF is an acronym for Graphics Interchange Format, a file format that supports both static and animated images.

Emojis are a set of tiny graphics used in digital channels from text messages to social media. They evolved from emoticons made using characters on the standard keyboard. In 2010, the Unicode Consortium approved Google’s proposal to standardize emoji characters. A dark post is an unpublished social post promoted as an ad to a specific audience. It’s a post that cannot be found organically and does not appear on your brand’s timeline.

reddit glossary

The bitmoji app allows you to create this cartoon representation of yourself, then create different versions of the avatar in different situations. In addition to using your bitmoji as a profile picture, you can use it to create custom messages to share in messaging and social apps. Bitmoji is owned by Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, and is well integrated with the Snapchat app. Your bio, short for biographaphy, is the section of any digital profile that tells new or prospective followers who you are. It’s the first thing users see when they discover your profile, and a good one can greatly improve how often you show up in keyword searches. An organization’s social media archive includes what was said, when, and in what context. This data can be referenced during legal discovery, if necessary, or requested by regulatory bodies.

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On Twitter, you reply by clicking the comment icon under a particular Tweet. On other social networks, you’ll find a button or link marked Reply. Facebook uses the term “boost” for promoting a specific post, but “promote” to describe reddit glossary promoting a Page. Twitter offers promoted Tweets, promoted accounts, and promoted trends. There’s also Promote Mode, an automated ad program on Twitter. Platform can also refer to a social media relationship management tool.

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Taking action could be as simple as responding to a happy customer or as major as revising the brand strategy. Share of voice is a measure of how many social media mentions a particular brand is receiving in relation to its competition.

It refers to the practice of tipping one’s hat toward a person out of gratitude. You see HT a lot in association with shared content, along with “via,” “by,” and “cc.” In some cases, HT can reddit glossary also refer to “Heard Through,” which provides a similar meaning to Hat Tip. This could involve interactions with your product, your website, your customer support, or your social media.

Vanity metrics include ego-boosting engagement statistics like comments, shares, and likes. Other metrics, like conversion rate, can help prove social return on investment. A mention is the act of tagging a user in a social media message. Sometimes called @ mentions, these usually reddit glossary trigger a notification for that user and allow your audience to click through to their bio or profile. Influencer marketing is a strategy involving collaboration with an influential person on social media (an “influencer”) to promote a product, service, or campaign.

Hard of Hearing – A term used to describe hearing–impaired individuals with mild to severe / profound hearing impairment who are not deaf. Gain – A term used to describe the amount of additional intensity added by a hearing aid or other amplifying device to an incoming signal during the amplification process. Feedback Suppressor or Cancellor – Technology present in some newer hearing aids that is designed to limit the amount of feedback experienced by hearing aid users. Low–end hearing aids lower gain to reduce feedback, while more advanced hearing aids alter the phase of the signal to control feedback. Etiology – In hearing terms, the source or cause of a hearing loss.