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Creating a high performing supply chain culture

The overall success of your business depends on not only having a set of clear performance measures, but these need to be underpinned by a culture of high performance along the supply chain. A lack of a compatible supply chain culture is likely to have far reaching implications for your business post Brexit. This topic will provide you with the tools, techniques and strategies to measure and manage your supply chain culture in support of high-performance outcomes.

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An overview of what is meant by a supply chain culture. What is a supply chain culture?
A guide to analysing your score from your Supply Chain culture questionnaire and the implications under Brexit. Measurement Implications of a Supply Chain Culture
A case study of how a NI company used the Supply Chain culture questionnaire in their firm. BakerCo Culture Case study
A useful blog article that includes tips on how to improve the culture within your firm. What is Your Supply Chain Culture? Why Knowing Matters
A short article that highlights that the importance of a focus on both process and behaviour to make great supply chains work. The Role Of Culture In Efficient Supply Chain Operations

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A short guide on how to undertake a supply chain questionnaire that uses the culture questionnaire spreadsheet in this Do More area. Guide to undertaking a supply chain culture questionnaire
A MS Excel version of the questionnaire that can be used to undertake an analysis of your supply chain culture. Electronic completion of this document will create an automatic radar plot under the scoring matrix tab demonstrating how your firm measures against Best in Class firms. Supply Chain Culture Questionnaire

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