Get Supply Chain ready for Brexit

Impact of Brexit on your supply chain

Brexit will have wide-ranging effects on your entire supply chain. You should integrate the 8 key processes of supply chain management to support your supply chain performance.  This topic provides you with a framework and guidance to assess each of these 8 processes so that you can test your supply chain health in each of these areas, measure your level of supply chain integration and assess the impact to these processes as a result of Brexit. Work through the resources to develop strategies to increase your supply chain health and enhance your business competitiveness.

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An overview of the 8 processes of Supply Chain Management 8 Processes Supply Chain Health check

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A MS Word questionnaire that you can use to health check the 8 key processes of your supply chan management with guidance on strategies to address issues identified. Supply Chain Health Questionnaire (Word)
A MS Excel based version of the questionnaire that you can use to health check the 8 key processes of your supply chan management. Electronic completion of this document will create an automatic radar plot under the scoring matrix tab demonstrating how your firm measures against Best in Class firms. Access guidance on strategies to address issues identified from the MS Word version of the questionnaire. Supply Chain Health Questionnaire (Excel)

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