JBL Charge 2 speaker – Portable speaker review

JBL has released a second and improved portable speaker that can also charge your mobile device. The JBL Charge 2 mini speaker is a more powerful device, enhanced by massive speakers located on two sides.

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JBL Charge 2 Speaker Reviews

It is worth noting that the price has remained unchanged – still the same $ 150. So, Charge 2 is the "double # 2" of the popular portable speaker from JBL. Remarkably, literally every parameter of the original has been improved.

The JBL Charge 2 portable speaker looks almost exactly the same as the Charge, and it immediately catches your eye as soon as you open the box. However, upon closer examination, the differences still become noticeable. First of all, of course, these are silver side panels and a couple of additional buttons on the case, as well as a panel with ports, including USB and Micro-USB.

JBL Charge 2 column overview

JBL Charge 2 features and design

The JBL Charge 2 wireless speaker is slightly larger than its predecessor, has a comfortable shape and a pleasant surface. The device is very comfortable to hold in your hand. The system has become exactly half as powerful as a whole. Up to 3 users can connect to the device at the same time via Bluetooth.

JBL Charge 2 portable speaker system

Audio Performance

Like previous JBLs, we immediately appreciated the bright and rich upper case. However, some sounds seem sometimes too harsh. When we switched to listening to heavier tracks, we found that the bass is transmitted perfectly, mainly due to the side – vibrating membranes. Moreover, the sound can be called the best in its class. New additions allow the device to deliver surprisingly rich interpretations of complex melodies.

Rock or hip-hop music also sounds powerful with bass, moreover, the sound is perfectly smoothed, especially considering the small size of the Charge 2. We were really surprised that such a small device reproduced such a clear and pleasant sound: realistic guitar sounds, rich bass, etc., in essence, JBL Charge 2 is a speaker system.

JBL Charge 2 Overview

On the most difficult tracks for audio systems, we heard some extra chiming, which mainly accompanied the bass lines. However, the JBL Charge 2 portable speaker is one of the best devices we’ve tested in a while. Accordingly, it makes sense to expect an ideal sound in all respects from a https://jiji.co.ke/281-ladders speaker that is at least twice, or even three times, larger than the JBL Charge 2 wireless speaker system.