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How to evaluate your sourcing options in a Brexit context

Manufacturing firms have a range of sourcing options to choose from when setting up and managing their supply chains including manufacturing products in-house or sourcing products from suppliers. This topic will guide you on how to evaluate whether it is appropriate to change any of your current sourcing arrangements as a result of Brexit.  Use the resources provided to help you get a strategic insight into how you should navigate the changing sourcing landscape brought about by Brexit and identify the range of options and potential opportunities open to you.

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Highlights the sourcing options available to your firm and the benefits and risks of these options. Sourcing options
Highlights the benefits and risks of global sourcing. Benefits and risks of global sourcing
An outline of some issues associated with reshoring. Reshoring: bringing manufacturing home

A publication that highlights the key features of best practice in global sourcing.

Trent, R.J. and Monczka, R.M., 2005. Achieving excellence in global sourcing. MIT Sloan Management Review, 47(1), p.24.

Achieving excellence in global sourcing


A summary that outlines how managers should assess global sourcing risks in their supply chains and the actions they should undertake to mitigate these risks.

The full paper is referenced here:

Christopher, M., Mena, C. Khan, O and Yurt, O. 2011. Approaches to managing global sourcing risk, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, Vol. 16, No 2, pp.67-81.

Approaches to managing global sourcing risk

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Guidance on the key influences you need to consider when assessing potential sourcing options as a result of Brexit. How to identify the influences on the sourcing options
A guide on when it is appropriate to select each of the potential sourcing options. How to select a sourcing option
A template to allow you to document your supplier sourcing options. Sourcing options Template

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