Get Supply Chain ready for Brexit

Supplier Performance Management

The overall success of your business depends on you having visibility of the performance of your internal and external suppliers.  A lack of this visibility is likely to have far reaching implications for your business post Brexit. This session provides you with the tools, techniques and strategies to measure and manage your internal and external suppliers to help you improve your overall supply chain performance.

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An overview of the metrics you can use to measure the performance of your external suppliers External supplier performance management
An overview of how to measure the performance of internal suppliers. Internal supplier performance management

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A template to help you to assess the impact of Brexit on the strength of your external supplier relationships. Strength of the supplier relationship
A template to help you to assess the impact of Brexit on the performance of your external suppliers. External Supplier Performance template
Tips on how you can assess your internal process so you can mitigate the impact of Brexit. Assess your internal processes

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